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"Thank you SO MUCH for all your AMAZING help on my college apps and scholarships essays!!" 2014 UCLA accepted as Regents Scholar
“My daughter is currently working with College Road to prepare for her SAT Exams.  The individual sessions are cost-effective because they cover only the specific areas our daughter needs. She is given prep work to do at home prior to each session. This has been a tremendous help with her schedule due to sports and other extra-curricular activities. She is grateful for the one-hour sessions, close to home, and the flexibility this allows her.” JANICE parent of Junior at Mission College Prep
"Our son is took the SAT with minimal preparation and actually did well, but we sent him to Kathleen and College Road for help improving his math score.  Since it was the lowest of the three SAT scores and math was consistently his most challenging courses in school, we hoped to improve the math score in order to push his overall score into a higher caliber.  After preparation through the College Road program and Kathleen's guidance, our son added nearly 100 points to each of the three sections!  The high SAT now combined with his already high GPA resulted in a significant academic scholarship to Westmont College for the upcoming Fall Semester.  We are so thankful for Kathleen and the program.  She made our son's SAT Prep lessons both enjoyable and profitable!"
Private High School - parent and teacher
“College Road helps students solve problems based on their individual strengths.  They know how the questions on the standardized tests are designed and guide the student to learn the best techniques in which to approach these problems.”
DR. RENEE L. parent of PATRICK '09 MCP Grad, Cal Poly SLO and SEAN '10 MCP Grad, Pomona College

"College Road has tutored both of my children in math. Kathleen has a way of breaking down the concepts in an easy to understand format. My son once said “WOW! I’m the only one in my class that understood how to do this!”
KATHI parent of ALEXIS, '09 MPC Grad, UC Santa Cruz and JONATHAN, Junior at Mission College Prep
"My daughter increased 180 Points after just one 2-day mini-Workshop with College Road Tutoring.   Her SAT score went from 1670 to 1850!  THANK YOU COLLEGE ROAD!!"

​"Thank you College Road!  I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help with the SAT.  My Score increased from 1520 to 1870! Thanks so much!"

"1670 to 1960 - YES!"    

"Thank you for encouraging me to take the SAT one more time - I broke my goal of over 2000!!"

"I can't believe our daughter, a current Senior, increased her, already HIGH SAT SCORE, another 210 points.  Kathleen's expert help definitely impacted the colleges our daughter was eventually accepted to!  I highly recommend the investment in College Road services for your student.  I only wish that we had started our daughter's SAT tutoring sessions her Junior year!"  Mission College Prep parent